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My friend recently moved house in a new town about three hours away from where she lived before. Her parents are big enthusiasts on buying broken down old houses and fixing them up into gorgeous houses, they live in them for a while then sell them off. My friend hates it because she is very superstitious and is terrified that one of her houses will be haunted. Well unfortunately for her, her new house is haunted, she called me yesterday and told me all about it, this is what she said had happened after just a month of moving into there. It was built in the early 1900’s and had a lot of history with it. She did some research in the house and found out that 3 of the 5 previous owners had died from falling down the stairs, dating back to the 1950’s. Then before that an elderly lady had been murdered in the home in the 1930’s, the case had never been solved. Besides that rather disturbing news heaps of odd things had been happening. Clothes that had been packed away were found strewn all over the floor. Pictures hanging on the wall were thrown across the room. And at night the stairs creak as if somebody was constantly walking up and down them all night giving the family no sleep at all. My friend told me that the other day her family tried to get to the bottom of things and held a summoning for the ghost. They tried for an hour but nothing happened they gave up thinking that the ghost must not want to talk. They headed up the stairs to bed. My friend was still very disturbed about the whole thing so in the middle of the night she went to get a drink from down stairs. She had reached the top of the stairs when she heard a horrible voice from her side. “You want to know what happened to me lovey, you want to know how I died, here let me show you.” And then she was pushed down the stairs. Thankfully she only broke her leg. Now the family only uses the bottom half of the house and are saving up for a new house. While my friend and I were chatting however throughout the whole conversation I could here faint moaning and whispering coming from the other side of the phone, when I questioned my friend about it the phone went dead…

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