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Wolf Avenue

A long time ago, a friend and I were spending the night at our other friend’s house. We all got very restless.

“Hey Shanon, remember that boarded up house by the old bridge?” Shanon shook her head yes and I continued, “We should all go their tonight, you know like an adventure!”

We all decided to go.

When we got to the house I pulled off one of the boards on the window. Shanon pushed me though first. When I got inside it was dark and smelled of rotting flesh. I removed the boards from the back door and let them in. We are all laughing and having a good time when Cheyanne asks, “Why do you think they boarded the place up?” I thought it would be funny to scare her. I told her that a psychopath used to live there and used to kill the kids. Shanon laughed. So we turned on her phone and asked some questions. No one answered them. When we played them back we heard “yes” and “no” replies. I got all freaked out and said to leave. Shanon agreed and we began to pack up our things. Cheyanne and I both heard growling. When we turned around we saw a huge Wolf-looking dog. The wolf was scrawny and matted up. His fangs were a bright yellow. We all ran out of the abandoned house as fast as we could. When we turned around Cheyanne was gone. (The names aren’t their real names.) To this day Cheyanne remains missing. She was my best friend and now she’s gone.

(Sent in by Kiba)

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