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Where’s the remote?

My cousins Jamie (2) and Lindsay (11) came over one night. I was reading them a story from a ghost book, and it was about a zombie who went into a preacher’s house. When I turned the picture around, to show the mutated zombie, Lindsay started freaking out. I assured her that there was nothing wrong with it, but she pointed to my TV and it had turned on. We all ran out of my room. Then Kyle (10), my little brother came upstairs and asked us what we were doing. I told him what had happened and he said he’d help us find the remote. We went into my room and looked for the remote. During this time, me and Lindsay would switch holding Jamie, because she’s too young to help look. As I was holding her, she looked up into my corner and said, “Please don’t hurt me.” That scared me. Then all of a sudden, Kyle ran out of my room and was breathing really hard. Lindsay, Jamie, and I went to see what was wrong with him. He said he saw a pale face appear in front of him. I thought he was just playing and so I let him go downstairs and play Xbox. Lindsay and I took Jamie downstairs, so she could be happy and not freaked out. Then we went back upstairs and continued searching for the remote. I checked to see if it was on my windowsill, and when I moved the curtain, about 6 kids faces were practically glued to the window. It couldn’t have been real kids, unless they were super good climbers, because my room is on the second floor, and the only way to get there is to climb on top of the garage. They made a sound that was like a little gremlin. I screamed and ran so fast, it was almost like I was Clark Kent or something. After they left, I couldn’t stand going back in my room. About three weeks later, I found the remote in my dresser drawer, alone.

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  1. i dont really understand but ur story is good .. but not a little bit scary,..

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