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Violet was a little girl. She LOVED werewolves. She actually wanted to be one, but her parents said no. Then, she wanted to at least talk to a werewolf. Her parents said no. So, she got a werewolf stuffed animal. One day, she was praying with her stuffed animal werewolf. She prayed that her stuffed animal was alive. Then, that night, she felt something moving. She got up and her stuffed animal turned into a werewolf. She screamed at the top of her lungs saying, “Mom! Mom! MOM!” But, her mom wasn’t there. “Dad! Dad! DAD!” But, her dad wasn’t there either. Unfortunately, the “werewolf” bit her and she bled to her death. She woke up after she died in the same spot, but not as her, as a werewolf.

(Sent in by Phoebe)

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