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My mom had the same routine every day while the kids were in school. She would get up early, get dressed, make breakfast and then wake us for breakfast to get ready for school. After breakfast, the dishes were washed and put away before we all left the house, mom to work and the kids to school. My dad was military and away from home at the time. One day, we came home only to see our mom standing in the kitchen fussing about the frying pan and grease left on the stove. Someone had made eggs and bacon. All five of the kids denied coming back home during the day and cooking. We were all sent directly to bed after dinner since no one confessed. That night, mom was awakened by a thumping noise. She dismissed it as being a squirrel or some other animal on the roof. Over the next month, as the summer grew closer, the nights would be so hot it would be hard to sleep. Lying awake in her bed, mom again heard movement on the roof. Days later, while talking to my dad on the phone she told him about the noise she heard. Dad jokingly asked if she was hiding someone in the attic. Laying in bed one night, mom decided to dip a piece of her hair in a can of old paint we had and she placed the hair across the door in the ceiling to the attic where the door and the ceiling met. Once the single strand of hair dried it became hard and stuck very well. By this time school was out and all the kids were out of school for the summer so someone was always home. Days later, mom remembered the attic door, and out of curiosity, went to check on the hair. To her surprise the hair had been broken in two which meant the door to the attic had been opened. Mom never said anything but she knew one of the kids had been going to the attic probably to feed a pet they had hidden with the intent on asking some time in the future if they could keep it. Dad returned and we were told we were moving to another state because dad had a new assignment. Months went by and we received a phone call notifying us that the people who moved into our old house went to store empty boxes in the attic only to find a man lying on a mattress who died in the attic. Apparently, he had entered the house while we all were in school and mom at work and when school ended he was afraid to come down out of the attic. The last meal he had was eggs and bacon and because the temperature in the attic was much hotter than the rest of the house, he died up there.

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