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Under the Bed

Joanna loved to play pranks on her little sister. It was amusing to see the little girl squeal with terror. Oh, she could be nice, of course. In fact, she usually was a very good older sister. But sometimes she just needed to have a bit of fun.

One rainy day, when their parents were out doing something, Joanna decided to be mischievous. “Marie,” she called, “Come upstairs!” “Where?” responded her sister. “I’m in your room,” she said. So, Marie came upstairs and joined Joanna in her room. “Sit down,” Joanna said happily. “Let’s tell scary stories!” So for the remainder of the dark stormy day, the sisters told each other scary stories, achieving Joanna’s goal of frightening her sibling. Well, night finally came, and because their parents still hadn’t come home yet, it was Joanna’s responsibility as the older sister to make sure her and Marie got to bed in a timely manner. While Marie began getting ready for bed, brushing her teeth, getting her PJs on, Joanna herself began getting ready, but not for bed. Many of the stories she had told Marie earlier had included mad men hiding in wait of their victims, and being who she was, she decided to pull a prank on her little sister and hide under her bed. She turned off the bedroom lights and crawled quietly towards the bed, silently sliding underneath it. Then, she tried to scoot next to the wall. The only problem was that there was already someone there.

(Sent in by Samm C.)

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