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Turn the fan off

When I was five, my sister and I went to summer camp. Our parents told us something that had happened while we were away. My mother said: “I was sleeping next to your dad when I woke up cold. I was still half asleep but was able to see and hear. I nudged your father and said it’s cold. Turn the fan off now. There was no reply. I turned on the light to wake him up, he said, ‘Let me sleep’ and fell back asleep. So I turned the light off myself. Later on I kept going to turn the fan off. The fourth time I got up, I had unplugged the fan on frustration. Then I woke up once more and felt even colder. I tried to turn it off but it already was. It was not even plugged in.”

We finally moved out two months later. It still haunts us.

(Sent in by Bisha)

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