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TRUE STORY! More creepy than scary!

(I tell my dad this, but he doesn’t believe me…) I’m sitting in the front room of my house (where the front door and computer is) and I was on Youtube listening to some creepy story. When it was over I took off my headphones and flipped on the front-room light. When I was sitting at the computer (normally, if someone stands at the archway where it goes from the living room to the front room, you can see a full waist-up shadow) I see a very large 10-ft shadow appear against the wall out of the corner of my eye (my dad was out at a friend’s house and it was 11:00 PM). I jerk my head around and get a little whiplash, which made me close my eyes. I open them up, and nothing’s there. Just then my dad’s LOUD truck turned the corner and pulled into the driveway. A few other spooky things have happened since then, but nothing like that anymore…

(Sent in by Rebecca)

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