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Trapped By Demonic Spirits

I’ve been trapped in this dreary, old house for longer than I can remember and I want to warn people not to go anywhere near it. We have enough mysterious deaths in this dark place and we don’t want any more. We demand that the evil spirits leave us alone!!! I’m one of the remaining people that they trapped in here and every new day brings the promise of freshly spilt blood at the start of every morning, but nonetheless, the tortured screams still echo inside my head, as they try to claw their way out. A mysterious high pitched grating sound can often be heard from the dirty old kitchen. It is not unlike the sound of someone sharpening knives. There is also a deep pit in the backyard where a well once stood. We only managed to find it because one of our own slipped into the pit and fell to his death. I still swear to this day that I heard a sinister otherworldly laughter as our friend fell to his untimely death. He didn’t suffer though – he landed head first. I can still remember the faint snapping sound as the force of the impact ripped his spine clean from his body. We still haven’t retrieved the corpse, for fear of what we will find down inside that deep, dark, foreboding pit. The nearby brook was mysteriously red that day. I can’t tell you if that’s a coincidence or not. The only good thing that I can think of is that my time is coming and I will be free from this torment. Oh yeah… They won’t let me have any peace of mind in this f****** place. F****** demons. Other than that, it makes the surrounding neighbourhood seem like an okay place to live. Do not step foot in this place, however, or the demons will laugh at you until the end of time.

(Sent in by T.S. Jennings)

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