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Three girls, one bathroom and Bloody Mary

In a town where there was nothing to do other than go to your friends and do nothing. Us three girls were bored in a house, so we looked on the internet for ideas. We saw challenges, fights, and all of those we had done before, except Bloody Mary.

Two hours later it was five o’clock and the bathroom was dark, but not the rest of the house, but who cares. First in was I, Avery, second Jasmine, and last Angelina. We were all a little scared but finally excited to do something.

Jasmine was holding the flash light and we were all crammed by the door, so if we do see her, we can get out, but after saying ‘Bloody Mary’ three times, and thinking how to get out, the way we planned was not very good.

I looked up in the mirror and didn’t see anything, but then Angelina and Jasmine screamed. We all ran out! Before I closed the door behind me, I looked a little in the bathroom as quick and fast as I could. In the mirror was something.

I asked them why they screamed. They stayed quiet. “Tell me why?” I demanded. “Fine but I’m doing it again tonight.”
Angelina said, “I saw her, we saw her.” and looked at Jasmine.
I said, “Ok, whatever, I don’t believe you, but I’m still going in tonight. Plus you have to go at midnight. So anyone coming?”
Jasmine took a deep breath and said, “I will.”
“Me too!” said Angelina.
I said, “Ok, good to know, let’s do some research.”

We did research until ten, then watched a movie.

It was eleven o’clock, an hour left, an e-mail came up saying, “You’re going to die tonight if you don’t send this to fifteen other people! From Bloody Mary.” So we didn’t do it, it was eleven thirty, so we got ready.

Eleven fifty eight, we got in the bathroom and said, “Bloody Mary”. I was thinking if that e-mail was real.

It’s twelve, another e-mail, saying, “You die! From Bloody Mary” arrives as we’re saying her name. After three times I looked up and Jasmine and Angelina ran out. The door slammed shut. I was banging and pulling and they were pushing to get me out. I stopped and looked over and there she was in white ripped dress, black hair, pale face, long nails, dark eyes. I couldn’t stay on my feet, I was sliding down to the ground. I couldn’t get up. I screamed and she scratched me on the cheek. I said, “Stop Mary! Stop! Please! I believe in you! Stop!” She stopped scratching and helped me up. She returned to the mirror and opened the door. I ran out to Jasmine and Angelina and they asked, “Are you ok?” I replied, “I’m great! Bloody Mary said thank you.”

Everyone heard what happened. I told them the story. So everytime I go over to Jasmine’s and Angelina’s, we stay up until midnight and do Bloody Mary. We see her as a woman, not dark and mean, just nice, so that’s my story.

(Sent in by Jaden)

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