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Thornbridge Terrors

One cold winters night, a class was staying at Thornbridge Outdoors. A group of girls were staying in a small room. In this room there was meant to have been lots of scary things happening but nobody knew about them. The girls were putting their clothes into an old, brown wardrobe. “Girls it’s time to eat!” Shouted the teacher, “Ok, coming!” they responded. So all the other girls ran downstairs – except for Juli, she just said, “I’m just finishing off putting these clothes away!” So she was all alone. As she was reaching to the back of the wardrobe to put some clothes more neatly, she got a glimpse of some red writing. She leaned in closer to see the words more clearly, they said, “Once you get in you can’t get out, you’re gonna die today, I’ll take you away!” Just then she fell into the wardrobe, the doors slammed behind her. She screamed, “HELP ME, I’M TRAPPED!” but nobody heard her. Later on everyone realized she had been upstairs for so long, but there was only a few t-shirts left. Somebody came to get her for her dinner because it was getting cold, they couldn’t find her, so they told the teacher. Next they devised a search party, with torches and that lasted ages. The teachers were about to call the police when a girl screamed. She had opened the wardrobe door to get her clean clothes out, only to reveal Juli’s dead body!

(Sent in by Siyan)

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