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The Wolf Girl

This is a true story, and you will find out why very soon. There were three little boys, all brothers. The eldest brother heard of a little 12 year old girl who lived in the forest. He told his younger brothers that she was raised by wolves. And anyone who dared go into the forest would be killed. Now, of course, the younger brothers didn’t believe this because they thought he was just making it up. So the middle child walked into the forest. He thought, “Hey, this isn’t so scary.” and tripped. He looked at his ankle to see a paw tightly gripping onto him and saw glowing blue eyes staring at him. He saw sharp teeth and heard a whisper like voice say to him, “All who dares enter shall be my prey.” The eldest brother heard his scream and saw the middle child dragging himself out of the forest bleeding to death with his legs chewed off, and his neck severely bitten. He died there at the edge of the forest and both the brothers saw the glowing blue eyes, sharp teeth and heard the whisper say, “I told you.”

I am that girl.

(Sent in by Sabryna)

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