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The Weird Looking Man

A young couple went shopping leaving their five year old daughter at home with her grandmother. The grandmother was suffering from poor eye sight, but could see from a very close distance.

Granny: “Ok, dear. You play downstairs and I will be watching television upstairs. Call me if you need me.”

The child began playing and the old grandmother went upstairs and began watching TV. Suddenly, she saw a weird looking man with a long moustache at the window. He was staring at the horrified granny. Granny quickly rushed downstairs but the child was safe and sound. She went upstairs again.

After some time, she saw the same weird looking man at the window, this time with a knife in his hand. Granny made slow steps downstairs, and saw her poor, dear grandchild, lying down with blood all over.

She quickly informed the police. The police investigated all over the house to find clues.

Just then, a member of the police department told the grandmother;

Police: “That was not a window, dear granny. That was a mirror!”

Spoiler: Just in case you did not get it, the man with and without the knife was standing just behind granny, staring at the mirror!

(Sent in by Aishwarya)

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