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The vineyard

I had planned a romantic weekend at a vineyard with my boyfriend when on the first night we started seeing shapes in the window. We thought it was weird and were a bit worried thinking we would change rooms in the morning. We were woken with a start when the light flicked on and off and the vase in the the room fell off the desk and broke. We decided to get out of there and go to reception, which was about a kilometer up the main track of the vineyard. We had only made it about 100m when my boyfriend felt a shove and I got a cold feeling over my whole body. We were really freaked out and rather than go to reception ran back to the room, grabbed our stuff and head straight for the car to drive out of there. Yet the poltergeist had one last message for us, as when we started up the car there was a large bang on the back window and a white transparent face appeared and then faded. Needless to say we sped off and rang the place the next day, to let them know and they confirmed that there had been a few noises recently but nothing like that!

(Sent in by Mary)

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