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The Theatre Murder(er)

Now I was not a normal child, I was a very disturbing kid. I didn’t watch TV or play video games.

I was an explorer of the paranormal and I loved exploring, so one day, I went to explore the so called “abandoned theatre”.

Now you are probably saying, “The bull**** this guy is spouting out is unreal” but I thought I’m so badass right now!

So I went inside and it was cold and smelled of blood.

The whispers started, “Get out,” “Get out of here,” “Now.”

Then I remembered it’s me.

It was all me, but how would they know? They shouldn’t know. I hid her body perfectly right and no blood even leaked out… or am I insane?

There’s no evidence that it was me.

I loved my sister as well but then ‘He’ took her away.

I can only kill for hope and I was always ignored. I had no hope, but now I have my 16 classmates. They should know how insane I am. Hehehehe.

Am I a killer or am I insane? Huh?

(Sent in by Jeff)

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