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The St. Augustine Lighthouse

In early November, me and my friends Ashlee and Mallory went to St. Augustine to see the light house. In the lighthouse, we took pictures and recorded E.V.P.’s. (Electronic Voice Phenomenons) In the basement of the keeper’s house, we all had this feeling that we couldn’t explain. We were so uncomfortable we had to get out of the basement. I noticed that I was shaking and I couldn’t control it. When we were reviewing the “evidence”, we came across a voice. It sounded as if it was saying “Mom” in a soft, and child-like voice. I then noticed a scratch on my knee. It wasn’t there before we went to the light house. Over all, It was a great trip, but I still don’t know what had scratched me, and who the voice was from.

st-augustine-lighthouse The St. Augustine Lighthouse
st-augustine-lighthouse-2 Entrance to the St. Augustine Lighthouse.
st-augustine-lighthouse-stairs Staircase with possible Orbs! Orbs look like they’re ‘walking’ down the stairs.
st-augustine-lighthouse-basement Mallory felt very uncomfortable right when we got into the basement, also asked, “Can you give us a sign of your presence?” Paused. “Please?” During the pause we heard (on the EVP device on Mallory’s phone) a little kid (sounded like a little boy) say, “Mom?”
st-augustine-ghost-tour We also did the walking Ghost Tour in St.Augustine and something tapped Mallory’s leg. In the picture you can see a very clear Orb (moving?)

(Sent in by Lauren)

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