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The small wooden cottage

On one sunny winter day, four guys were climbing a mountain. Unexpectedly, the weather changed to a blizzard. The four guys looked for a place to take cover from the snow and noticed a small wooden cottage in the blizzard, so they decided to stay there until the blizzard stopped. The four guys went inside the cottage and found out that the cottage had nothing inside. They closed the door to shut the snow out but then they were not able to see anything. And to add on to the darkness, the cottage just felt like a freezer. The four guys just snuggled up in the corner to take some warmth but it didn’t feel like it was helping at all. That’s when one guy came up with some exercise they could do to keep their bodies warm. The exercise started by each guy standing at one corner of the cottage. Then the first guy starts to run along the wall to the next corner. When the first guy gets to the next corner, he stops there and the guy standing at that corner starts to run to the next corner, and so on. So they were going by an order; first guy, second guy, third guy, fourth guy, first guy, second guy… the four guys were going in circles to keep their bodies warm. After a few hours, they noticed that the blizzard stopped; they went down the mountain and saw the local police searching for them. When the police found them, few policemen asked how they survived through the blizzard. And so the four guys explained the exercise they’ve came up with. But then one policeman blurted out, “So where’s the other guy?” The four guys did not understand what the policeman was talking about, but the policeman continued. “So you four guys stood at each corner of the cottage, then one guy start to move to the next corner. Then who does the fourth guy touch? The first guy is already not there…”

(Sent in by Chiaki)

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