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The Sleepover

I’m here to tell you my story, it happened not too long ago…

When I was 14, I’m 15 now, some of you guys out there don’t believe in people like ‘Jeff the killer’ and ‘Jane the killer’, both of their stories are good, but here’s mine.

My friends and I were having a sleepover, I fell asleep last. I was scared and I kept hearing noises. I had this weird feeling, and it wasn’t just me, my friends Lindsey, Savanah and Holliday had it too, it was like someone was watching, waiting for us to go to sleep, it was scary! I ended up falling asleep but I awoke to a noise and saw that the window was open. I didn’t see Lindsey anywhere, I saw Holliday, and savanah too, but no Lindsey.

After that we never saw her again until the day I moved out of that house. I walked into the basement and there she was laying on the floor dead.

I remember that night and that day I moved like it was yesterday, it still haunts me.

Well, you heard one of my stories…

(Sent in by Jasmine)

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