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The skull

My mum had many builders renew our small and old bathroom one day. It was soon fixed and I was one of the first to get in to have a shower. My mum had not told me that the light was a sensor, so when you step in the light comes on but when it can’t sense you it goes out. So before I know it the light went out. That time I was facing the mirror in the shower. As soon as the light turned on, for a second I saw a skull looking at me with gaping black holes. I screamed. My friend Isabella was there – outside. And she was the one that helped me calm down – after I dressed up. Thank goodness I had her in the house or else I would have been alone. Recently, I kept on seeing shadows and doors kept on opening. My friend Isabella says that that is the same at her house. I don’t know what’s going to happen next.

(Sent in by Esha)

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