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The School

Recently one of our town’s schools was demolished. My town is a fairly large rural town and the school that was demolished was the only public school, so that school tended to get a lot of the losers of the town and the people that couldn’t afford the more expensive private schools. Well anyway, back to the story, I attended the public school and I have to say that it is one of the most scariest places that I have ever been too.

It was built in the late 1800’s and over the 100 years it had been renovated and modernised so that it was more suitable for today’s learning. However, no matter how much the local council did to the school, the building seemed to always have something serious happen. Either seriously hurting some students and even on a few occasions, killing some students. The history of the school is really quite terrifying, some of the stories are even too bad to display on this website but I shall tell you just some of the stories that I’ve heard.

During the mid 1900’s, many students were reported missing, most of them being young teenage girls. The disappearances occurred over a decade, the town’s people couldn’t understand how it was happening. Although it was quite usual for many young people to run away from home in those days, so no major investigation was put into practice. This was until the daughter of a wealthy towner disappeared. There was a huge man hunt for the kidnapper. It lasted for over 3 months, that’s when finally a breakthrough in the case came. One of the most respected teachers was arrested for murder of the wealthy man’s daughter. He was caught after the search went into teacher’s home and they went to his and discovered the young girl’s underwear in his house. After further investigation into the teacher, the police charged him for 15 accounts of murder.

The teacher had been preying on the young girls for over 10 years, he would offer them late night tutoring sessions, then he would slaughter them and bury them in the school’s gardens. In his house they found bunches of hair, finger nails and other assorted items of his victims. When he was arrested he escaped from jail, only to return to the school to hang himself in the bell tower. This is only one of the many horrific stories that circulated our corridors, this is the one story that really freaked me out. Of course there would always be sightings of the ghosts, I’ve seen the ghosts of some of the young girls, they would always just be crying, with blood pouring down their face.

Honestly this is a seriously scary place, with heaps of history to it. I’m glad that it has been demolished but now they are thinking of building a child care centre there, I’ll keep you all updated on what happens if anything does happen. Lets hope not.

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