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The Scary Dorm

When I was going to college I had to share a dorm with this really nice girl. She told me that she was in the dorm for a couple years and I said why? But she hesitated to answer me! When it was time to go out for my breakfast she said it will be hard! I’m all like what do you mean? She then said, “Just…” Then she still wouldn’t answer so I tried to open up the door but the handle to it wasn’t there! I was really scared! So then she told me we’ll be stuck in here and I started to cry! I’m on the computer in the dorm still in here. That girl is now dead and laying on the floor and I’m going to die soon too!

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  1. I don’t think this is real but if it is, try emailing or IMing someone to call the cops and get you out.

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