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The Red Eye

Once there was a family, a husband, wife, and their daughter, who decided to go on a family vacation together. They made reservations at a little bed and breakfast in a small town, then drove down there together. When they got there, a nice couple opened the door and greeted them. The family was shown their room and informed that breakfast would be served at eight o’clock the next morning. Then the wife turned to them and said, “All the rooms in our house are open to you, but please do not go into the room at the end of that hallway, that is our daughter’s room.” The family went to bed, but the daughter had to go to the bathroom, so she got up and went across the hall to the small bathroom. When she came out again, she saw the “forbidden” room at the end of the hallway. She wanted to go in and see it, but she just went back to bed. When she got into her family’s room, curiosity took over her and she walked to the room at the end of the hall. She tried the door, but it was locked, so she bent down and peered through the keyhole. She saw a red room, everything in there was red. After she looked, she went back to the room and fell asleep. The next morning over breakfast, the daughter told the couple that she had looked in their daughter’s room and that she liked all the red decor in there. The couple exchanged nervous glances. “Well our daughter died a couple years ago,” they said, “and her room is not red, it is all pink and purple… but she did have one red eye.”

(Sent in by Elizabeth)

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