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The Old Victorian House

It all started with my little brother and I. I was about the age of ten, my brother Chad was about seven. My Mom and Dad were divorced. My Dad didn’t care about us, so we had to stay with our Mom. She lived in an old Victorian house. Chad and I had to share the same room, my Mom said it was because, “I have stuff in the rooms, don’t even bother to get in.”

Day 1
Well it was night time. Chad and I had to even share a bed together. So like around 3 am I heard a strange noise, like a little girl screaming softly. It was a gentle squeal for help. I shook Chad to wake him up. I was terrified. I didn’t even know what Chad would even do since he was younger than me. He woke up crying – he just starting crying for no damn reason. When I looked at his face it was purplish and red. The only thing I did was just stare at him. Then he stopped. It was a long quiet second. I stared at his eyes and Chad stared back. He said, “Why are you staring at me like that?” I just stared at him. So I said, “You were cry.” I heard the gentle scream again. I was scared. Chad heard it too. Then all of a sudden the blankets were thrown to the floor so fast, you couldn’t even see it! We screamed for Mom! She came in the room and said, “What!”

Day 2
Chad and I pretended to be sick. We didn’t want to go to school. We were just freaked out. Mom had to go to work. About two hours later, Chad and I were playing video games, then suddenly we heard a big thump upstairs. Thump… THUMP… THUMP… thump… thump. Then it stopped. I told Chad to stay while I went upstairs, slowly. When I got up there I was tired because the stairs were really high. The hallways were dark, the curtains were blocking the windows, and the doors were closed. All of a sudden the temperature went down and it got cold. I shivered. Then a black mist filled the end of the hallway. My eyes became huge because at the end of the hallway, I saw a little girl tilting her head. She was slim with long dark hair and had black beady eyes that stared at me coldly. She said to me in a soft voice, “Get out,” I just stood there frozen. She repeated, “Get out,” but a little louder. I stayed still. She became really angry and the black mist came towards me. She shouted: “GET OUT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!” I stood there, my heart beating fast. The girl started walking up closer to me, but before she could reach me, Chad screamed. I turned around to the stairs and when I turned back to look at the girl, she was gone. I ran downstairs to Chad but he was sitting down at the corner and he said: “Behind you!” I turned around and there was an old lady. She was a little fat and wore a black robe with a black and white hood. I saw her hands trying to reach for me and she said, “Reach for me, child, don’t be afraid.” I ran and reached for Chad, but before I could, the little girl appeared suddenly in front of me. The television turned off and I looked at the little girl and realized that she didn’t have any eyes! I screamed so loud that I could feel the old lady behind me, walking closer to me. I stopped, dashed around the little girl, grabbed Chad and just left the house. I didn’t look back, I just ran to where Mom worked. I told her everything and she believed me.

After what had gone on we went to learn about the history of the house. We found out that it used to be an orphanage. There used to be a little girl there named Lizzy, she was about four years old and had an older brother that was like six. Their parents couldn’t take care of them, so they had been left at the orphanage. Lizzy and her brother always played. He was always by her side. One day they were suppose to be sleeping but he woke up in the middle of the night only to find that Lizzy wasn’t by his side. He saw the door open and so walked out and went downstairs. He found Lizzy laying on the ground. He told her to get up over and over but she didn’t reply. The orphanage owner called the police. He was a frail old man who said that he found her laying on the bed. They said it was just rough child’s play. Later they found out that the old man did it, but he died before they could arrest him.

(Sent in by Grace)

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