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The old creepy house on the corner of the street

Three years ago there was an abandoned house on Whelly St. Park, where there lived an old woman. My friends and I went to check it out. When we entered there was fog on the ground but the door was shut. We went to the second floor where we heard that the old woman would sew. There was blood on the floor that looked fresh. I turned to show Destiny, she was in a ball saying in a demonic voice, “Get out!” Brielle and I went to hold hands and say a prayer, but when we did, Destiny was screaming and acting as if we were hurting her. Afterwards Destiny wasn’t acting the same way, she had scratches on her face and a lot on her arms. We got her up and her mouth started bleeding for no reason. She turned pale and collapsed on the floor bleeding. We picked her up again and went outside and called the paramedics. When they arrived she slowly and painfully passed away. Brielle and I will always keep her in our hearts and will never enter a house like that ever ever again.

Later on that day on my computer, there was a printed paper and it said, “My dear and best friend, I will always love you and remember you here in heaven. Thanks. Love, Destiny.”

I cried and cried until I fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, I saw Destiny in the doorway, waving goodbye. She vanished and I felt calm and peaceful. I knew she was in heaven with her loved ones.

(Sent in by Larissa)

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  1. That’s really weird if you ask me… I kinda got creeped out and that’s bad because it is 7:42 in the morning and its daylight…

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