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The old butcher’s house

This is a true story that happened to my best friend!

My friend lived in a very old house, it was said to be haunted and was right next to an old butchers. The house was owned by the owner of the butcher and it was a family business. Even though he was a butcher, he didn’t always kill animals, his son was murdered, so with his butcher’s cleaver, he killed the murderer, and shortly after that, he killed himself. My friend got that house after someone disappeared in it! My friend had just got married and got a baby son. Six months later her husband disappeared when he had just been at the butchers. My friend was devastated and had gone mental. One night she heard her son crying, so she woke up. Suddenly the crying stopped. She ran through to the baby’s room to find the baby asleep. As she picked him up she felt something cold and metallic on his back. She turned him round to find a butcher’s cleaver stuck to his back, it had not harmed him as it was just flat against his back. My friend got really scared, she took off the knife and threw it out the small window. Later that night she heard a bang in the baby’s room. She ran in seeing the baby with the knife lodged in his chest. The worst thing was… he was holding it in place. Then dripping with blood
on the wall was a message… “I don’t just kill animals…”

(Sent in by Tegan)

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