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The Mountain

This story was told by my classmate about her visit to a remote mountain barangay here in Carmen.

It was summer of 2007 when Femie invited us to their fiesta celebration. Unfortunately because of hectic schedules and busy lives, only Mencie got the chance to go there.

Mencie boarded a 30 minute motorcycle ride from the town proper to the mountain barangay where Femie lives. She ended up to where Femie instructed, a short narrow bridge directing to their house was where Mencie had stopped.

To her curiosity she asked some of the people residing there. Without uncertainty she headed to the bridge and started her journey way up to the mountain where the good citizen had appointed.

On her way to the steep mountain she had met a teenage girl to whom she asked other information leading to Femie’s home. Since the girl knew who Femie was, she decided to accompany her up to the hilltop.

Not far from the distance, they saw two silhouette figures standing under the shade off a “kolo” tree. To the girl’s surprise she said, “Femie is already here!”

The teenage girl was pretty sure that they would come for Mencie. Indeed, she gladly bid goodbye leaving Mencie alone.

The two young people she saw were a bit unrecognizable. She neither knew if it was Femie or not. The misty and dark environment due to rain gave a blurred effect to the surroundings.

She bravely continued ascending while sighting the two figures over her. Moments later the two surprisingly waved at her. Without doubt she responded with a smile and a waved, she was certain enough that it was Femie.

She made a few steps upward until she had reached to the place. Dumbfounded she was when she discovered that the two were nowhere to be seen. She thought she was just being played with and they were playing hide and seek.

She waited a couple of minutes trying to figure out that it was Femie. Moments later Femie arrived, it was the moment that made her hair stand on ends, but she’s sure enough that she was safe.

To her experience, Mencie asked Femie if she requested somebody to come fetch her, but she said that she did not. Later when they were at home she told Femie all about it. She truly was haunted.

(Sent in by Kenneth)

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