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The man in the mirror

When I was 11 years old, I loved Michael Jackson. I played Man in the Mirror every day. My parents didn’t like it very much, so I kept it down. One Friday afternoon I turned Man in the Mirror on. I got too into it, so I looked into the mirror and started dancing. My heart stopped when I saw what looked like a man with a very very strange look on his face. He had a long unnatural smile, black blood trickling down his cheeks from his eyes, a hat and a formal suit on. I got so scared I ran out of my room into my mom’s room only to find her gone. I just remembered that she was at work that day until 10:00, so I panicked and ran outside. I quickly ran to my friends house behind mine. I had no choice but to enter without knocking. My friend, David was confused why I came in without knocking. I explained it to him and his parents. David’s parents said that I could stay until it was safe.

David and I looked outside at my house and I saw the man. he was in my sister’s room, just staring at me and David. That’s when I knew I was not safe.

I called my mom’s work number and told her what has happened instead of her arriving at my house at 10:00, she came to David’s to get me. We called the police and they could not believe what they saw. It was the man from earlier, but he looked different. His mouth was wide open and on the wall written in blood it said “Start with me”, of course a reference to Man in the Mirror.

(Sent in by Nicolas)

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