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The man in back room

I knew he was here. Its been days since the last time I felt him and now he was even stronger, but then again, I said that the last time. Over five years ago I escaped from the house where he was holding me captive. My family was so happy when I finally came home and why shouldn’t they be, I had been kidnapped for twenty days, and over that time I was the subject of unspeakable torture by the hands of that… of that… monster.

When I met him at the bar that fateful night, he was absolutely the most handsome man I had ever laid my eyes on. I was stupid and not afraid of going home with him. He could have killed me with all the things he did, but I wasn’t going to let that happen, so while he was asleep I managed to break free of the rope that bonded me to the other side of the bed. When I got home my family immediately called the police, and when I gave them his description they managed to find him.

In the court room at his trial I found out that I was the only one of his eleven victims to escape alive. At the end of the trial the jury found him guilty and he was sentenced to death by lethal injection, but he did say one last thing to me before they dragged him away. He looked at me in the back row and screamed, “They never get away and your no different. I’ll be back honey, I’ll be back!”

He was dead eight days later. Ever since they killed him I can feel him everywhere I go. He breathes down my neck, follows my shadow, and lays next to me in the dark. I guess I’ve to accept that none of them got away and I’m no different, and he’s back for me, back for one last lady…

(Sent in by Cassandra)

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