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The Little White Dog

Once there was a woman. She had a little white dog. She had the dog because she had no family left and she hated being alone! It was winter, and at night the dog would sit by the fire place watching the fire place and wagging its tail. At night, if the woman ever got frightened or scared, she would hang her hand down by the dog where it was sleeping and the dog would lick it reassuringly, that made her feel safe.

One night, the woman was reading an article in the newspaper, the article was saying that a mental patient had escaped from the hospital and was out to kill women that lived alone! The woman got scared so she put the paper on her night stand, turned off the lamp, and tried to go to sleep. She put her hand by the dog and she felt the licking. Now, because she wasn’t all the way asleep, she opened her eyes for a split second and saw the dog by the fire place… but the most scariest part about it was… that something was still licking her hand…

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4 Responses to “The Little White Dog”

  1. nice one great storym wasnt rushed my younger sister says it was really freaky

  2. Wow cool!

  3. It was me licking her hand! Jk

  4. Ewww……..

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