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The little girl

This is an 100% true story.

So I had a sleepover with a few of my best friends and 2 new girls who were sisters. Jen, and Sylvia. Jen was 3 years younger than Sylvia. Sylvia was 16, and Jen was 13. Anyways on with the story, we played some scary legend mirror games. Jen got freaked out. She felt scratches on her back. She went in the bathroom and we all listened. We heard crying. I kicked the door open. She was in the tub. Crying. We asked her what was wrong. She said the scratches on her back were burning. A few minutes later we were asleep. I woke up to a childish voice screaming, “No daddy no don’t” downstairs. I ran halfway downstairs. I stood on the stairs. I heard a woman’s voice quite weakly say, “I love you Elizabeth.” and then my mind went blank.

(Sent in by Heather)

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