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The Killer Clown

There were two children, Alice and William. They were playing in the woods and Alice got scared but William wanted to carry on walking ahead. The children stopped as they heard a cackling noise fading away. The children were not facing each other. “William, I want to go home now, come on!” She turned around and her brother was gone. In the distance she could see a clown’s face, she ran and ran.

The next day, the children’s parents went to the police station and said their children never came home from the woods last night. The police searched the woods and found a light green cardigan and a white shoe that belonged to Alice.

The next day a police man found Alice’s ears nailed to a tree and as the copper looked into the screw he saw a clown’s reflection in the screw, he ran away from the woods and was never seen again.

It took weeks of searching until they found the children’s bodies. Alice’s body was buried near an oak tree. A police man was stood under an apple tree when blood dripped and landed on his nose. He looked up and saw William’s body hanging from rope. From then on, the children’s parents were haunted by the kids. The ghosts spooked them so much, they both hung themselves.

The police hunted down the clown as it had already targeted 33 children and murdered them.

(Sent in by Shania)

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