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The Hospital

I’ve always been afraid of hospitals but if you aren’t you will be now. There was once a girl named Holly who’s mother was very sick. One day she went to the hospital to say hi. It was a cold day and not many people were out. She opened the door to the hospital and went in. The hall was white but no-one was there. The girl went up to her mother’s room and went in but her mother wasn’t there. Infact no one was there but Holly. Holly left her mother’s room and ran down the hall. But Holly got lost and she had no where to go. She walked past an old room that no-one had stayed in for a long time. A girl used to be there that had been attacked by her parents. She had come to the hospital cut up and bleeding. She didn’t last very long and she had been taken to the morgue. No-one ever saw her body leave the hospital and she never had a funeral. Holly went down a long flight of stairs and then walked down the basement hallway. The lights flickered and the water from the pipes dripped. The floor squeaked eerily as she stepped on the cold basement. A little stream of a red liquid leaked onto her feet. The water dripping from the pipe had turned red and the lights grew dimmer. Holly found a staircase at the end of the hall and climbed up the steps. When she reached the top she found a dark room. She turned on the light switch. The room was bright and filled with silver drawers. It was the morgue. The little girl pulled a drawer out and saw a nurse. Her face was pale. The next drawer had her mother’s doctor in it. In the third last drawer she found her mother but the last two drawers were empty. In the second to last one she found a tag that read, “Abby Winslow, Time of death 4:13pm, June 21, 1956. Death: Blood loss from stabbing”. On The table beside the drawer was a tag. It said, “Holly Morisson” with the time of death spot was empty, but the death spot wasn’t, “Death: Strangled”. Then she saw a little girl behind her. The little girl grabbed her by the neck and strangled her. The girl laid Holly in the last drawer and crawled into the drawer beside her. “Name: Holly Morisson, Time of death: 4:13, June 21, 2006. Cause of death: Strangled.”

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