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The haunted noose

Last week I went on a camping trip, just with my friend, brother, and parents. At one point, my friend, Sean, and I wandered off into the woods. It was a really hot day so when we found a ramshackle old shed, we headed inside to see if it was any cooler in there. Surprisingly, it was but just in the doorway. We soon began to explore the shed finding nothing but a rope hanging from the ceiling. After untying the rope, Sean and I sat down in the doorway together. I started to tell some scary stories while Sean settled in to play with the rope. After a while Sean put the rope down between me and her as we began to play a hand game. When we finished the game, I resumed story telling and Sean reached in-between the two of us to pick up the rope, only to find it was no longer there. She asked me if I’d taken it, such of course I hadn’t, so we began to search throughout the shed for it, only to find it laying in a coil on the attic floor. We were both pretty freaked out at that point, but neither of us believed in ghosts so we took the rope back to our seat in the doorway. Sean resumed her playing with the rope. After a few more minutes she set the rope down again and we began another round of candy on a stick. Again the rope was set between the two of us and the game began. The same thing happened again where the rope was found in the attic, unexplained. At this time I’d like to point out that it was just me and Sean out in the woods, not one other person, at least no live person. Back to the story telling, Sean had said to me after finding the rope for the second time, “Wait, I want to try something.” She put the rope behind our backs. When we turned around again, the rope had been thrown way far off into the woods at this point, we were both scared to death. Sean picked up the rope and chucked it back into the shed as we ran back to our tent to tell my family about our experience. As soon as I finished my story, I realized everyone was staring behind me. My mom said, “Gracie, is that the rope your talking about?” I turned around and screamed, because that rope was right behind me. My brother stood up and picked up the rope and handed it to me, saying, “Go put this somewhere where nobody can get it.” I took his advice by climbing up a tree then throwing the rope as far as I could into the lake below. The next morning I woke up to something wet in the bottom of my sleeping bag. I opened it up and screamed once again, as I found the rope sitting at my feet. I took the rope and buried it in the ground at a random spot on the campground. That day, we headed home and I never saw that rope again. I went online and began to search the campgrounds history. I found out that a little girl had been hanged in the attic. This girls name was Penelope Hambrecht, and she had loved playing pranks on her family and friends. That was the event that finally got me to believe in ghosts. After reading this very true story I hope you do too.

(Sent in by Gracie)

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