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The haunted house on the corner

Before I go on, this story is 100% true. It happened about a month ago. I was at my friend’s house, we were making our shirts for a talent show. We finished really early, so we decided to take a walk. We all heard rumors about the house on the corner, but never paid attention to it… but that day we did. We all said we wanted to go, so we did. When we walked there, my cousin Kate and I saw a random basketball pop out of nowhere – no-one was outside. (Oh, I almost forgot, the house wasn’t empty that day and it is today, but the very first people to live there had a son who loved Basketball, but they didn’t have enough money for him to sign up.) So we get freaked out, but we still went. We all four walked about 3 more steps, then we heard a noise, that kinda sounded like a basketball bouncing. Well, Jackie and Tati freaked out and went a block or 2 away, but Kate and I kept walking. We got maybe 2 more yards, and we both looked up to see a boy (maybe 9 years old) holding a basketball staring right down at us. We freaked out and ran right back to Jackie, who was talking to Casidy, she was a few years older than us, so she comforted Jackie alot more than Kate and I could. We told them about the face and they said if we were so obsessed with it, then why don’t we just stand on the porch, so we went and did. When we got there, of course we stepped onto the porch. shaking majorly. Then we saw the door knob shaking, and it felt like something grabbed me, Kate said the same thing. We ran back screaming, and tears flowing down our faces, we got so freaked out. (I said it wasn’t empty, I meant people lived there, I never said they were there, and they weren’t.) We went back the next week and the people were already moving out, they said it was too much for them… I don’t blame them.

(Sent in by Michaela)

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