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The Grim Lunatic

It was a dark stormy night. Thunder boomed and lightning flashed. The rain hit with all its might. Inside a certain house a girl was home alone quietly watching TV. On the screen her favorite horror movie was playing. Suddenly the movie was replaced with a news reporter. “We are sorry to interrupt your current program.”
“You better be.” said the girl.
“We have a very grim situation.” said the reporter. “It seems a psycho who believes he is the Grim Reaper has broken out of prison. He has gotten hold of a black hooded cloak and a knife. At the moment he is said to be in North main Street but he is traveling at quick speed. Residents are advised to lock all their windows and doors.”
“North main Street is only a block away.” the girl said to herself. She instantly became terrified. She went all throughout the house locking every window and door in her house. After that she went to the kitchen for a glass of water. When she realized she had forgotten about the window next to the entrance. She rushed to the living room as fast as she could but it was too late. The window was fully open and rain was pouring in. Then she heard a scary voice behind her say, “How nice of you to be here.” She turned around. The last thing she saw was a black hooded figure stab a sharp knife in her heart. Then the world went black. A half hour later, her parents arrived. The mother took one look at the door, screamed, and fainted into her husband’s arms. After a fast call to 911 the cops arrived. They were shocked by what they saw. On the door, written in blood were the words: “THE GRIM REAPER WAS HERE” and above the message was the daughter’s head nailed to the door. No one has heard of the Grim Lunatic since… AHHHH! LOOK OUT! HE’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!

Just so you know, this story is 0% true and 100% false.

(Sent in by Geovanny)

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