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The Grandmother I Never Knew

I have never seen my grandmother before. She died in 1975 and I was born in 1984. I had never seen her picture too, since my grandfather had removed all of her pictures and put them away after she had passed away. He always said that it was too painful to look at those pictures. Shortly after my grandfather died then we moved to Tennessee from Pennsylvania. At this time everything started.

My sister and I shared a room just right across the hall from our parents’ room and we used to sleep with the doors open. On one night, after we had moved in for approximately 6 months, my dog kept coming to the head of my bed and push me close to the wall. I kept pushing her away, thinking that she needed some warm. Until it reached 3rd times then I woke up. I remark a woman standing at the hallway, wearing a dress that is easily blown by the wind. She asked did I see her daughter and mentioning my mom’s name. Shortly after she disappeared.

In the next morning I told my mom what had happened just before my sisters got up. My father looked at my mom, like “Should we tell my sister?” My mom got up from the table, and went into the laundry room and starting to search boxes with pictures in them. When she returned, she showed a picture of a woman wearing the same dress as I saw last night. I turned pale and took the picture from my mom and handed it over to my father.

My mother told me that she was my grandmother. One week after she died then she came to see my mother the same way. My grandmother told my mom that she will be watching her and her family.

(Sent in by Unknown)

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