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The Grandma Murderer

It starts like every scary story, except that this time it’s the truth.

It was a cold night outside. I was alone with my grandmother. We have a really big house, so my grandma was sleeping downstairs and I was watching TV upstairs. My parents were gone to the restaurant that night. I wish they wouldn’t have. I heard a big bang! I thought it was my dog, so I called, “Thunder, come here Thunder!” I looked at my dog at the end of the bed and thought that the bang was probably just my imagination. I turned off the TV to concentrate on my hard geography homework. My dog left the room. I sighed and started writing. Soon after I heard my dog barking really loud and I yelled, “SHHT, THUNDER!” Suddenly, I heard, “Plop! plop! plop!” like the sink was running. I rolled my eyes and went to see in the kitchen. The sink was closed. I thought it was my imagination and went back to the room. My room felt kinda scary. It was like someone was in here, a presence. I put my hand under my bed so my dog could lick it. He licked me, so I sighed in relief. I heard the “Plop! plop! plop! plop!” again and went to see in the music room, where there was a sink. I went, still nothing. I went back to my room and put my hand under the bed again but nothing. I called, “Thunder. Come here doggy, Thunder?!” I ran around the house and finally came to the upstairs bathroom. I opened the door and saw my dog tied against the wall. I yelled ”Thunder!” I unwrapped all the duct tape over my poor dog and I grabbed his leash, tied it around his collar and opened the shower curtain. I yelled as I saw my grandma tied by her feet in the shower and seeing that the “Plop, plop” was the sound of the blood coming from her open mouth. I grabbed my cell to call the ambulance but just dropped it on the floor when I saw, wrote with my pink lipstick, “Humans can lick too class!” I was terrified. I called the ambulance, my parents and the police that came. Remember, the dogs aren’t always man’s best friend.

(Sent in by Kaytie)

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