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The girl with wicked smile

One day in the year 1982, there was a young girl named Sadie. She was a beautiful girl in every way. Everyone agreed that the most beautiful thing about her was her smile, which was brighter and warmer than the sun in the spring.

One day, she was waiting outside of school waiting for her family to pick her up. When the family got there, Sadie wasn’t there. Sadie’s sisters searched for her, then the youngest started screaming because she found a corpse in the bushes. Then Sadie came up behind her trying to calm her down, but had a stern look. As the family left, they failed to realize that the corpse found was actually Sadie.

The next few days, Sadie looked pale and sad, not smiling since the day she died. The family got worried, but thought that she was just getting over the flu, so they ignored it.

A week later, the eldest sister got an email from a friend about a recent legend that matched Sadie’s situation. It told how there was a rabid killer who hunted down children. When the body dies, the soul rises and continues on their lives, but not smiling for some reason. Then people start dying with slit wrists and cuts near the mouth making a wider smile, and it says that before they died, they saw the soul show a wicked smile.

The sister got very scared and went to tell Sadie, but she was behind her. The sister looked at her shivering and trembling as Sadie slowly started smiling, but turned to a very mean and wicked smile.

The next day, the family’s neighbor went next door to check on the family as a usual daily task but found everyone dead and Sadie missing. Everyone had slit wrists and wide smiles used by a knife and wires.

The story lives on to this day, now added to the story, if added to the story, if you see the smile and scream, you’re a dead man/woman. So whatever you do, DO NOT SCREAM!!!

(Sent in by eveisadeadgirl)

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