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The girl in black

So about a year ago, I stepped out of the shower. I walked out of the bathroom into my room. So when I dry off, I usually stare at the window or the ground and pretty much air-dry. So this time I stared at the window. When I glanced up, I see this girl. The girl is very pale and her hair is as black as midnight. She is wearing a black uniform that clings to her body, and she looks drenched in water.

I scream and have this whole episode with my mom. When I finally went to bed, I feel breathing on my neck, and I actually see my hair moving!

Believe it or not, I previously used the ouija board! When I used it with my friend, it immediately went to
goodbye. Then my friend kept saying, “No, no! Talk to us!” I think she was there to say knock it off! I will only say this once, never mess with something, especially when you don’t know what your getting in to.

(Sent in by Meghan)

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