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The girl I’ll never forget…

One day my wife left me. I’m experienced at babysitting, so took jobs for money to survive.

I stumbled on an abandoned house that I thought that since I’m homeless I can live there. I settled into there hoping nothing bad happened.

Once I went into the room I found her, alive, hopeless, and alone with blood on her face. I couldn’t trust her, but when I turned back, she yelled for me louder and louder. I stayed there with my back facing her, not stepping another step. After a long time, I took a step. I looked behind me and she was following me. “Go away!” I said. She ran faster after me until I took a knife from the kitchen and killed her from the neck.

After one week staying in the house, I met my wife again. Every day I remember her, every day.

True story.

(Sent in by Joshua)

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