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The five superstars of horror films

Horror films have come a long way. Through the years more horror films are made but not all of them gain the acclaim that their predecessors once achieved. In fact, some horror that are made today are just completely boring and lack any really good horror characters. I want to take the time out and dedicate this piece to the horror characters that actually matter. The ones that you can’t forget. The ones that haunt your dreams when you’re sleeping and always have you looking over your shoulders.

The Blair Witch Project

This particular film gets a mention for one absolutely great reason. You don’t actually get to see the main character at all. That was the whole point of this film and the reason it became a cult classic. It is the same reason we’re mentioning in this article today. Although it spawned a sequel that didn’t go anywhere. The original was something entirely different than what came before it.

Michael Myers

You can’t get a better horror franchise and character then Michael Myers. Seven movies and plenty of spin-offs and this character is still going today. Fans have had their ups and downs but one thing stays true. The horror and that hasn’t gone anywhere for 30 years and counting. Rob Zombie is the director for a potential eight Halloween Movie.

John Doe

A character that is obsessed with the seven deadly sins is very unique. This particular horror character originates from the movie Se7en. You don’t actually get much horror until the ending of the movie. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t ruin it for you. I will tell you that it’ll be unbelievably unique and that is why John Doe gets a mention here today.


The Saw franchise is huge and continuing to be one of the best horror franchises of all time. Jigsaw isn’t only one of the best horror characters of all time. He’s a legend. I mean how can you possibly not love how effective his killing was, or his insane ideals and theologies?


Leatherface was actually built upon the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If you don’t already know, the killings never actually happen. This was not a true story at all but a story based on the serial killer Ed Gein. However Ed Gein never actually touted a chainsaw. Leatherface gets a mention here because Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a cult classic with a huge following. Although the new movie that recently was released was greeted with mix feelings and lacklustre comments from critics. Leatherface is still one of top horror characters of its genre.

There you have it! The superstars of horror films.

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