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The Eyes of Dolls

What I’m going to tell you is very very disturbing. I decided to tell this tale once I moved away from Ohio.

I moved to Dayton, OH at age 4. I lived on a nice neighborhood on St. Anne’s Hill. The neighborhood was filled with history including the Wright brothers bike shop. Next to my house was a house made of brick. The house looks like it was abandoned for years. I never bothered about it. In front of the house was a parking lot. Once when I was 9 I saw a pale angry lady looking down at me. She was yelling and screaming. I don’t believe such a place could be haunted. There was a church in front of the house and a mosque behind it. I couldn’t hear her because the window was shut. Later on the older kids of my neighborhood came to the mosque scared telling us about seeing dolls going around the house. The stories themselves were scary. It’s wasn’t until I was 12 where I had to go in the house. I went in the house with my friends. We were to clean the living room because of some event happening in there. Anyways, once we got in, the house was nice inside. There was trash and dust but everything else seemed fine. We cleaned for a while and decided to look around the house. It was a nice house… until we went upstairs. The stairs second turn was filled with little dolls. All having their eyes closed. My friends (ages 17, 18 and 14) decided to keep going upstairs, knocking a few dolls down. We checked out some rooms to see that they were filled with graffiti of Nazi symbols and racist quotes. After looking about, my 17 year old friend yelled. The dolls on the stairs that fell were put back as if nothing ever had happened. We were all together so none of us put them back. Scared, we tried to go down from a window. Impossible. So we all just ran downstairs passed the dolls, only to find the dolls once again placed back the way they were. As we ran out of the house. I looked back one last time to see the dolls on the stairs… this time their eyes were all opening and blinking. The story haunts us forever. I now live in Maryland. Away from it all…

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