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The Drowned Boy

A boy named Lukas was in the aftercare when they took the kids to the pool. Everyone was having a good time but Lukas was tired and tried to get out of the pool. When he felt a hand on his leg, he started screaming. Everyone rushed out of the pool. His friends didn’t believe him but when he went under the water, his friends were scared, so they called the manager to get him out of the pool. When the manager got there it was too late, Lukas was dead. Every time kids go in the pool they hear or feel Lukas’ spirit. Sometimes they even feel the hand that pulled Lukas under the water.

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3 Responses to “The Drowned Boy”

  1. thats really scary.Maybe ill never go into a pool again!!!

  2. If thats true then that haz to be freaky. I mean like who haz ever seen a person get drowned in a pool by a hand from a ghost or demon. I dont think i should trust a pool.

  3. omg!
    datsh sho scaryy!!

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