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The Dirt Road

There was a teenage couple, Jennifer and Andre, who just left from a friend’s party. It was 2 in the morning and they needed to get back home. They both lived in another part of town and always took a dirt road to get from their friend’s house to theirs. As they drove down the road, there was a problem with Andre’s car and it stopped. They were stranded and there didn’t seem to be anyone out to help. Jennifer forgot her phone at the party and Andre’s phone ran out of battery. There weren’t any street lights so it was too dark to see anything. They waited for 30 minutes hoping a car would drive by and help them but there was no sign of anyone. Andre decided he was not going to wait all night and decided to walk and go get help. Jennifer tried to talk him out of it but he convinced her to just stay in the car and sleep. Jennifer was under the influence and felt like she was about to crash. Andre was high on pot and wide awake, he wouldn’t be able to wait till morning. He grabbed a flash light and started walking down the dark dirt road. He promised Jennifer he’d be back with help as fast as he can. As Jennifer watched, Andre walked farther down the road until she couldn’t see him anymore. It was completely dark and quiet. Jennifer decided to take a drug that would instantly make her fall asleep. She laid the car seat down and went to sleep.

She woke up the next morning still in the car. As she got out she could see a toe truck in the distance. Inside the truck was her boyfriend. The truck took them and the car back to town. When Jennifer got home, she explained everything to her parents. That night Jennifer decided to take a hot bath. As she laid in the hot water, she felt a little sting on her back. She decided to look into a mirror to see what it was on her back stinging. As she was going to the mirror, she got a call from Andre. Andre asked, “Did you break the lock to the door of my car while I was gone last night?” Jennifer replied, “No, I was asleep all last night while you were gone.” Andre paused, then said, “Well then that means someone broke into the car last night while you were asleep.” Jennifer didn’t believe Andre, but when she looked into the mirror, she could see cuts on her back spelling a message. Jennifer screamed. The message said, “Sorry, I didn’t use a condom.”

(Sent in by Ben)

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