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The Devil’s knocking?

In 2010, I was living in a trailer park in the Dublin mountains Wicklow with my ex-boyfriend. Anyhow, it was coming up to the winter time, it was very cold at night. I was watching the TV with my feet up and my ex-boyfriend was watching the TV too and we heard three knocks on the window behind the TV. So I looked out and no-one was there. I opened the first door and I looked up and down the street, still no-one there. So I went back in, sat down, and continued to watch TV.

5 minutes later another three knocks at the window. I looked out again, this time I went at the back of the trailer, but no-one was there, and it’s a dead end behind our trailer, so we were both getting a little freaked out wondering who was playing pranks. So what I did was sit at the end window, third window from the one behind the TV. I opened it and stuck my head out to watch.

Another 5 minutes later another three knocks at the window, I was watching inside and outside of the window and no-one was there. It was very scary because we’ve seen shadows pass those three windows before and no-one was there.

We’ve had three knocks on both our doors at night and no-one was there. Some people would say, ‘The devil’s knocking’. I’ve seen small shadows flying across the floor from the living room to the kitchen, I’ve heard walking up and down the trailer. We also had a speaker nailed to the wall and it was attached perfectly and it fell down on top of the TV for no reason.

I’ve seen loads of things in my life but that trailer park is the far scariest thing. I’ve often walked past the kettle in different trailers and it’s turned on by itself. Even our digital clock on our stereo system stopped at 5 past 9 at night after we turned the film ‘The Exorcist’ off. Even the famous Hellfire club in the Wicklow mountain’s Co Dublin is very haunted. I’ve camped in there twice and it was not a nice feeling at all.

Hope you liked my little stories, I have much more to write but don’t want to make it too long.

(Sent in by Amy)

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