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The Demon

There once was a family who moved into a house. Later that night after moving in they heard noises in the attic. They thought it was the house but later the dad disappeared. The family were scared. The son woke up with cuts on his thighs and the daughter woke up with blood in her room. They moved house again but the demon followed. On the day the mum was up in the attic, she saw a picture that was from when she was little. That photo was burnt.

Her family went to bed, this time the daughter disappeared, then the son.

Weeks went by and every time the mum went to bed, she heard footsteps on the tiles get closer, closer and closer. Bang, bang, bang on the door, bang, bang, bang, even louder! BANG, BANG, BANG, KICK! She was so scared. She yelled at the top of her voice, “Go away!” “I’m gonna rape you!” the demon said very lightly. A weird gas came into the room which came from the demon. Two weeks later cops came into the house and went into the bedroom. The woman was on the bed. A shadow came from the attic. As it got closer to the cops, all the cops said was, “He”. The demon then killed them!

(Sent in by Mitchell Wailes)

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