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The day I believed in ghosts

It was a late night I couldn’t sleep at all, so I got up to get a glass of water. On the couch I saw two children, a girl and a boy. They looked so little compared to me. I ran to my room. I had left the light on, but it turned off, then on, again and again. I got the nerve to go and see who was causing it. What I saw was five children playing with the lights, I tried to yell but I couldn’t. All the children then came toward me and held hands running around me singing “Ring around the rosie.” I asked who they were, they looked at me with red eyes. They they spoke and said, “We got buried alive under this house.” They kept walking toward me and I was right by the stairs. They took one more step and I fell down the stairs. When I woke up ten years later in the hospital after a coma, no-one believed me.

Once I got out of the hospital, I asked some guys I used to know to go with me and dig a hole in my basement. There I saw bones, hair and old clothes from the same children I saw that scary night.

Many people called me crazy, others believe me. Since that day, I believe in ghosts.

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2 Responses to “The day I believed in ghosts”

  1. man, what a waste of ten freakin years! That sucks big time! i belive you, BTW.

  2. in a coma for ten years? That’s just crud man! and it sucks to have no one believe you.

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