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The creepy guy

A man named Paul was coming back from work and was very tired. He entered the elevator of his apartment building. A guy hiding his face with a hat was standing in there. Paul thought to himself, “That’s creepy.” but he had no choice but to get into the elevator. He said to him, “Good evening,” but the guy ignored that. The elevator doors opened and Paul got out. But on his way out, he bumped into the man. He said, “Sorry,” but the guy ignored that too. He was hiding his face all that time. He thought, “Damn, there are creepy guys,” and got back to his apartment. When he got in, he noticed there was blood where the creepy guy had bumped into him. He wondered what the hell happened.

A few days later when Paul was at home, he heard the doorbell rang. He checked who was behind the door. A policeman was standing there. The policeman said, “A few days ago there was a murder in this apartment building. Have you witnessed any suspicious people around?” But he was really busy with work at that time, and if he said he had, it would have resulted in him getting involved in the investigation. So he just brushed it off saying, “No.” The policeman was like, “Ok, no problem.” and went away.

The next day, he turned on the TV, The news talked about a murder in his building. The criminal was apprehended. A mugshot appeared on the TV screen. When he looked at the screen, it was the policeman…

(Sent in by MisterCreepy)

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  1. I really like this story. It is creepy thinking that if the guy were to have told the “policeman” that he did see someone suspicious, the “policeman” would have killed him.

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