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The Creature

My friend Bruno and I were driving in Florence, AZ, when we came across this creature if you must. Long story short, when we were driving in my car at 3:00 in the morning on the dark roads near the prison and military base, we saw something that we will never forget. We were casually driving when we saw this object in the road and thought nothing of it until it rose up. It was around 7 feet tall had a torso! It was greyish. It jumped up and flew up over my car almost hitting us. It had a wing span of about triple my car. We heard the wings flutter as it flew over us (the moon roof was open). Me and him don’t care easily but that night we were pretty scared. We couldn’t stop thinking about it for a while! I just can picture it in my head every time it comes up. When we tell our friends they think that we were on drugs or are just exaggerating. But what we saw that night was unexplainable. It seemed too large to be any bird! I know that cranes can have a large wing span but we know what cranes look like and that wasn’t one. It wasn’t a damn Bird! We often go out there. Last weekend when we did, I got this crazy weird feeling, I was scared. I am more afraid of that movie Jeepers Creepers now more than ever.

(Sent in by Brandon)

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