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The coffin

Two men were exploring an old abandoned mansion. They had started at the top floor of the old mansion and worked their way down to the basement. As the two men were thinking about leaving, one of them noticed a section of wall in one corner of the basement was crooked. One of the men pushed on the crooked section and it began to move and swung open revealing a flight of stairs going downward. As the men went down the stairs with their flashlights, they found another door and they entered into a very huge room. As the men began to examine the room with their flashlights, they realized there wasn’t anything in the room except what appeared to be a huge wooden box in the center of the room. After closer examination, the two men realized instead of a box, they were looking at a giant coffin. The coffin appeared to be at least 12 feet in length and 4 to 5 feet in width. They also realized that there were 12 padlocks on the coffin, 6 on each side. One of the men said, what could possible be in there and why is there padlocks on it? The other man said, I have no idea and I don’t think I want to know what’s in there. Suddenly the man who asked the question said, look over here as he was pointing his flashlight at one of the walls. There were concrete blocks embedded in the wall and on each block appeared to be some type of ancient writings. The man that was curious about what was in the coffin said, “I’ve got to copy these writings, a friend of mine is an expert on such things and it will be interesting to find out what these writings are about.” He took a small notebook and pen from his shirt pocket and started copying from the first block. After he had finished the first block, the two men heard a thumping sound over by the coffin, as they pointed their flashlights at the coffin, they noticed one of the padlocks lying on the floor. The other man said, “I think we’d better get out of here,” but his friend said, “Don’t be ridiculous, I’ve got to copy these writings, besides, there couldn’t be any living thing in that coffin, there’s no telling how old that coffin is, those locks are probably just falling apart.” After he copied the second block, they heard another thump and their flashlights revealed another padlock on the floor. The two men kept arguing until he had gotten to the last block. The one man finally said to his friend, “Look, you can do what you want but I’m getting out of here.” The other man said, “That’s fine with me pal, I’ll see you outside when I’m finished here.” His friend looked at him before he went out the door and said, “I hope so friend.” As he exited the old mansion, he ran to a wooded area that surrounded the property and hid behind a large tree. Suddenly he heard his friend screaming and what sounded like a loud growling sound. As his friend came running from the old mansion, a huge creature came out chasing him. As the man stood behind the tree paralyzed with fear, he was looking at what he’d seen drawings of and read about all of his life, the devil. The creature had what appeared to be reptile like skin with hair over sections of his body and large horns protruding from his head, red penetrating eyes and teeth like a tiger. The creature picked his friend off of the ground by the back of his neck like he was a rag doll and carried him back inside the old mansion. The screaming suddenly stopped and everything was quiet again. The man stood behind the tree for what seemed like an hour afraid to move, he wanted to run and never stop but he felt like he had to go back in there for his friend’s sake. As he made his way back in the mansion, he slowly entered the room where the coffin was, there was no sign of his friend or the creature and then he pointed his flashlight at the coffin. All of the padlocks were back on the huge coffin.

(Sent in by Floyd)

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